Celebration or Consolation – Time to choose

Letter to The Editor,

Despite many states restricting gatherings to contain a coronavirus resurgence across the country, Indians continued celebrating Holi and it led them to where they stand today with an alarming surge in both the number of cases and deaths. Instead of taking India as an example, Pakistanis are doing what the Indians did.

The celebration of Eid has become so immensely important that there does not exist a single marketplace or mall that cannot be seen crowded. People are seen violating social distancing protocols and coronavirus prevention rules to prepare for the celebration of Eid. It is important to realize if people do not adhere to social distancing rules, the celebration of Eid could reverse Pakistan’s last year gains against the pandemic. Its time for people to choose whether they want to celebrate with their relatives or want their relatives to console them for losing their loved ones.

Ayesha Imran, Karachi.