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Crimes committed by Israel and the struggle of Palestinians

By: Mehak Khan

Palestinians suffering started in 1948 when The Nakba took place. The Nakba is the ethnic cleansing  of Palestinians through forced displacements, suppressing their rights and identity and demolishing their society. During the war of 1948, 750,000 people were displaced, at least 15,000 Palestinians were killed as a result of dozens of massacres committed by the Israeli military. By the end of the war 78 percent of the land was under the illegitimate authority of Israel. Although it never stopped but since 7th October, 2023 it got worse. Israel is committing heinous crimes against the Palestinian people which the world has never witnessed.

On 9th of October 2023, the Israeli government ordered a complete blockade of Gaza cutting off the basic human necessities including water, electricity, blocking all the ways leading to Gaza and cutting its connection to the outer world. The conditions there got even worse when Israeli forces started attacking hospitals. Israeli forces bombed AL-AHLI ARAB hospital killing 471 people including sick and wounded, nurses, doctors, women, children and those seeking refuge from the bombardment, violating the International law. According to international humanitarian law (IHL), “health establishments and units including hospitals, should not be attacked. This protection extends to the wounded and sick as well as the medical staff and means to transport”. When the armed forces withdrew from AL-SHIFA hospital on April 1st, 2024, 520 bodies were discovered from the hospital. As of 12th June, 2024 at least 37,202 people have been killed by the armed forces and about 70 percent are said to be women and children. Palestinian people are struggling against this occupation and ethnic separation. They cannot even cross a street without the fear of being killed or injured as snipers are always there, hiding in destroyed buildings or homes, targeting people including women and children.

Israel launched more than 6000 bombs in just a week between 7-12 October, 2023 more than the bombs dropped by United states in Afghanistan in a year. Israel has denied over and over again about using banned chemical- white phosphorus, that too in a civilian area, the Gaza strip causing uncontrollable fires and severe burns resulting in the deaths of thousands of people. The world also witnessed the brutal murder of Hind, a little girl who was stuck in the car with her dead family for hours and was shot 355 times when the rescue team reached there to safe her.

Palestinian detainees and prisoners both men and women from the Gaza strip are being subjected to inhumane ways. They are being sexually assaulted, raped, degraded and killed by electrocution. They are also being sexually assaulted by the Israeli dogs. Those released from the prisons are either physically disabled or have endured severe torture at the hands of armed forces that they have lost their ability to think, most of the detainees are suffering from severe psychological traumas including wide-eyed stare. Last time, the world witnessed such cases during world war.  Israeli forces are undisguisedly filming themselves while violating humans and posting pictures on social platforms.

The genocide occurring in Gaza is effecting women and girls in more ways one can think of. An estimated 155,000 pregnant and breastfeeding  women were at greater risk of dying due to the shortage of food, water, medicines and shelter. The shortage of sanitary pads have led to the severe hygienic problems. With the crumbled medical system, around 5500 women were giving birth every month. Currently, 73,000 women are pregnant with no certain future. Women and girls there are being raped and killed and their family members are forced to watch such soul-shattering scenes. Till 27th of April 37 mothers were being brutally killed in the Gaza strip. Women and children carry pots and wait in the long lines in a hope of getting meal for their families, men are risking their lives by going to fields to produce vegetables. Hundreds of men were killed while trying to get food for their families.

The scenes in Palestine are extremely horrifying and soul-wrecking. While they are suffering from an ongoing genocide the world is quiet, as if watching a movie. The world has always been quiet where Palestinians were concerned. Where Israeli forces are killing children in front of their parents, America, the so-called superpower, is providing Israel with aid and more weapons. The Western phenomenon of equality, freedom and justice is nothing but a white lie now. The support of world leaders towards Israel proved it. Since October 7th, 2023, the start of the ongoing genocide, western media has fuelled the fire against islamophobia and dehumanization of Palestinian people. Similarly, social platforms have been allowing hate speech and fake news against Palestinian people.

I believe Israel has crossed every limit and has violated human rights in every possible way. They don’t have any remorse because they are being backed by the super powers. We all grew up watching Palestine-Israel conflict, which never was a conflict. It was the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. The media all over the world, even in Pakistan is being censored. The need of the time is to come in the support of Palestine but clearly Pakistani politicians have their priorities set. Instead of being united for the cause of Palestine they are prioritising their own relationships and fighting for the power. Pakistan should provide Gaza with the necessary aid. Pakistani organization AL-KHIDMAT is one of the organizations supporting and providing aid to the Gaza. The world should demand a ceasefire immediately. While the rest of the world sleeps peacefully at night, why would Palestinians sleep with the constant fear of being bombed. When our children can roam freely, go to schools and enjoy their lives, why can’t Palestinian kids roam freely and go to schools. They wake up every morning with their future uncertain. Where is equality now? Where are the organizations fighting for women and children’s rights, when Palestinians kids and women are being slaughtered like animals. Where are the human organizations fighting for the lives of black people? When black lives matter, why can’t Palestinians lives matter?

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