Fathers’ day celebrations

Letter to The Editor,

Father’s day is one of the most prestigious days which is celebrated on June 19 internationally across the globe. On this international day, we all do the struggles of merely showing others that how well we are celebrating father’s day at our home, where we buy presents, capturing pictures, making videos and sharing on our timelines and putting whatsapp statues. It all seems like we are competing with one another who has celebrated this day by making high-key arrangements and all that highlighted things.

And most of us copy those social media influencers who are promoting other products by calling it an act of celebration. Yes, we really do this and then we actually seem to stand in that line of the procession where the only thing that matter is to celebrate better than the people who are in our circle.

Yet in all this celebration, we forget to acknowledge the real efforts of our beloved fathers who have been working hard for our bread and butter. We overlook the role of these real life gems, superstars and role models in all this act of so-called competition. We often do not care that the only thing which our fathers want in return to respect, satisfaction and our own well-being. 

Hence, we must stop ourselves from standing in that row of showing off and we should try to encourage our parents efforts wholeheartedly by keeping aside all show-off stuff.

Neha Ali Dharejo, Larkana, Sindh.