Flour crises: Flour has floored commoner

By: Asem Mustafa

ISLAMABAD: The nation goes round and round with statements of government and its representatives over ‘flour’ which has two different rates.

Sadly the commoner will stay hungry and the announcements will stay announcements as in Pakistan the price control committees exist only in papers and actions are reported in papers.

The price announced by the government is just a statement and who follows the statement is seen with public response that fail to get the flour on ‘government announced rates’.

The masses are faced with a bigger problem, ‘staying alive’ is a bigger issue than ‘surviving’ and with each passing day the situation goes grim for people who continue falling from subsistence level and poverty line.

Protest against price hike can and will result in baton charge and tear gas. In times of Corona this is not a viable option and crowd that is sold for an amount by ‘local gangsters’ is having higher rates for getting charged up. This sold out crowd is used in rallies that often result in loss to public and private property. The Gulu Butt rampage on private cars is not forgotten from publics’ mind.

The flour bag announced for 20 kilograms is Rs 850 while the flour bag that is available in the market for same weight is available for Rs 1100 and more and is scarce.

The national staple diet is ‘flour’ and as one of the former President of Pakistan in 80’s said ‘we will eat grass but will pursue our nuclear programme’ his words did come true and Pakistan did become a nuclear power with former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at the helm of affairs making the big day for the nation on May 28 in late 90’s and the credit claim to date is contested.

Prior to him another President in 1965 said,” My countrymen the coward enemy has attacked and you should steadfast and counter the offensive.”

The war in 1965 seen the nation unite as one and did wonders at different fronts.

The Prime Minister Imran Khan should also come up with a slogan or coin a term and forgetful Pakistani nation will follow.

The generation that have followed the earlier political icons are now in grave or have died due to Corona, the remaining survivors have no interest now, in the current political stalwarts who have been at the helm of affairs for decades now.

Everyone has been tested over years and years and nothing changed for the commoner.

Man in the village still uses a sickle to cut the grass and places the load it on the donkey while riding it at the same time and in 21st century, ‘year 2020’ the sight stays the same.

A young boy sitting on donkey
Old man sitting on donkey

The same sickle used half a century ago is still in use for cutting the grass and the descendant of that donkey carries the grass besides the weight of that person who is descendant of the man that cut the grass with the ‘same sickle’ half a century ago. (Sickle 50 years ago had a heavier blade and was durable unlike the ones that are in use now)

Imran Khan can suggest a diet change for the nation or ask them to eat once a day to maintain their health and contribute the remaining meal for Ehsaas Fund as Corona has put a halt on everything and now is the time to make the sacrifice and as  nation we are all but one minus the imported policy makers.