Free rapist society

Letter to The Editor,

I know when you read the topic you felt if it’s ever possible, Yes It is” but it’s bit difficult because we personally know that rapists are everywhere and it can be anyone we cannot judge them or their intentions before it takes them to become the devil. We all have been watching the situation what is going on in the world about the rights of the women, they have been paid less at many workplaces, they are not treated equal or most of the girls are being jailed in their own houses by their families.

 Why we have created such an environment where a population of half of the world is not feeling safe even when you are having big armies police forces atom bombs, but girls are not feeling safe. 

 I don’t have words maybe I can never feel what a girl feels when she goes through from some harassment or anything which is below the level of respect but I appreciate that people are raising their voices, it shows we are not asleep, but we must also come up with a better plan, policy or suggestion.

 So here I have mine, I think government should make it compulsory for the schools, colleges and universities to give free classes for girls in which they can learn some basic tricks to defend their selves. Also government should open free girls defence centers so atleast some of them will be able to fight against it,

In closing I would not forget to add it that these rapists can only scare you when you are scared, if you can fight for yourself ‘ I as a man telling you they will not be able to touch you.

Syed Haider Sultan, Islamabad