From the lap of mother to the shadow of grave – a woman’s life

PC: inesperkovic

This is based on true story which is heart wrenching and unknowingly story of how many women of rural area. A girl born in a village of Shikarpur, who right from her childhood to become a woman and mother of eight kids struggled a lot throughout her life. As it happens in our society that on the birth of a daughter usually parents do not become happy as compare to the birth of a boy especially where literacy rate is low and unfortunately in case of this girl it happened so. She was the sister of four brothers who was elder than three brothers. Since childhood her mother started taking household work from her. She went in government school where education standard was not satisfactory. She spent real hard days in her parent’s house as she finishes school, she had work with her mother to help her in household work as well as with her father who had a shop of making boxes of steel. How it can be imagined that she has to use hammer at an early age to help her father while boys were free to wander.  

She got married at the age of 26 years although her mother was not in favour of her marriage at that age as she was a helping hand for her mother but she got married with a gentleman from Karachi who was very well-off and used to work in Pakistan International Airlines. It is rightly said that pairs are made on the sky as it is incomprehensible that a gentleman came to outskirts of Shikarpur to get marry a village girl. Anyhow it was a love marriage and that girl was very happy over her marriage as she thought that she got out of the jail and went to Karachi with her husband. Unfortunately, that gentleman’s parents had passed away much earlier before his marriage and in fact, he could not see his father as his father died when he was few years old. In such situation when there was no older woman in the house as her husband had no sister neither older nor younger to guide a newly-wed girl, it became really hard for her to manage household work lonely and to cherish her kids who born each year since she got married. She became mother of eight kids in just eight years and unfortunately her second daughter died owing to improper care by her. 

When her last kid became just few years old, she was diagnosed that there were stones in her gallbladder. Fortunately, her husband had a free medical facility in all top ranked hospitals and 7-day hospital was selected for operating her to take out stones from her gallbladder. Operation was successful and she discharged from the hospital in couple of days. As the days passed, she started becoming little bulky which was observed by her as well as by her husband. Doctor was consulted and after checkup it was shocking to know that during operation to take out stones from gallbladder, mistakenly a scissor penetrated a little in one of her lungs owing to which water was entered in her lungs. She was immediately admitted in the same hospital to take out water from the lungs. It was back-to-back second operation in just few weeks. Anyhow she was discharged again and went home. After few days, she again started looking bulky in just few days. At that time, it was not needed to consult any doctor except going to same hospital where she was operated and it was not less than any nightmare and catastrophe to know that her lungs again filled with water again or water could not be taken out completely.  

Another operation was recommended by the doctor on emergency basis as the condition of that woman was not up to the mark but as her two operations were taken place thus it was decided that patient would not be injected to faint as there were little chances to come into senses again and her life was at stake. That day was most horrible for her and proved a turning point in her life. She was injected a pipe just below under arm without fainting her and that process took couple of days to take water out from lungs. After that operation she became a psychiatric patient and instead of going home she was taken to Baqi psychiatric hospital where she was admitted for treatment. Just imagine what would have happened to her the pain she had gone through and with her entire family when her husband had to attend office and little kids had to stay at home alone. She could not recognize any of her kid nor husband for some days and as her psychiatric condition became little better and she discharged from Baqi psychiatric hospital.      

Can this be believed that after some days she again started looking little bulky ?. Yes, again her lungs filled with water but this time her husband took her to Liaqat national hospital where she was operated after fainting her but it was categorically informed to her husband that her life was at stake and it was a risky operation. Thanked Almighty, she recuperated this time but her psychiatric treatment carried on for decades. Her entire family remained disturbed owing to her psychiatric problem and soon she became a diabetic patient. She had faced a lot of hardships in her life and now she wanted to rest by getting married to their sons and expected that their wives would do household work 

but something else was written in her fate. Eldest son got married at the age of 18 years who was not financially sound and his father and other brothers had to support him and entire family. Father of the family got retired but still he got another job to manage bread and butter for his family. In this scenario, eldest brother separated from parents and siblings which saddened his mother but who care.   First daughter got married and after few years second son and second daughter also got married who helped her mother more than anyone in her life. Now there were only two sons’ wives left to do household work but their mutual dissents proved destructive and as result, she sometimes did not get food to eat on time. In such situation, she had tried to commit suicide but failed as her psychiatric treatment was also underway. One day when her sons left for duty, she sent her husband outside home to buy household stuff and when nobody was at home except wives of two sons in their respective rooms, she stabbed herself with a sharp knife in her abdomen but surprisingly she neither screamed nor felt pain owing to her psychiatric problem. She was rushed to Abbasi shaheed hospital where she was operated at 3 pm while she stabbed herself at around 10 am and during that time she did not feel pain which shows her mental disorder. After operation she started feeling unbearable pain and second day, she was shifted in Liaquat national hospital where she was kept in ICU for seven days but alas, she succumbed to death at an age of 61 years. May her rest in peace. 

Women in our society do not get their due rights to live a decent life instead they are supposed to be the slave of first of their parents’ house later on to their husbands’ house. Women are also human being and they also have feelings which need to be comprehended by men of the society whether they are father, son or husband. Let’s treat women human being, realize their feelings and give them their due rights to live as human being instead of reckoning them work machine only and that could only be possible if academic as well as religious teachings are given to every person in the society especially people of rural area living in outskirts of every city of the country.