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Youth Voices Rise – Gallup Pakistan’s Startling Revelations on Pakistan’s Education Crisis

EducationYouth Voices Rise - Gallup Pakistan's Startling Revelations on Pakistan's Education Crisis

ISLAMABAD: Young voices across Pakistan echo with concern as Gallup Pakistan’s latest analysis of Pakistan Education Statistics exposes deep-rooted disparities and systemic challenges within the nation’s education system.

In the eyes of Pakistan’s youth, the numbers tell a distressing story: with 236,492 educational institutions nationwide, it’s hard to believe that only a fraction of teachers—25%—are allocated to primary education, the very foundation of our academic journey. This alarming gap in resource allocation leaves us, the youth, stranded in a sea of uncertainty, lacking the support and guidance needed to thrive.

For many young girls, especially in provinces beyond Punjab, the dream of education remains elusive as gender disparities persist within the public sector. With more institutions catering to boys than girls, our sisters are left behind, denied the opportunities they deserve to fulfill their potential and contribute to our nation’s progress.

Balochistan, a region close to our hearts, stands as a glaring example of educational inequality. The low enrollment rates in private educational institutions underscore the stark divide between urban and rural areas, leaving many of our peers without access to quality education and the chance for a better future.

As young Pakistanis, we refuse to accept this status quo. We demand urgent action to address the systemic issues plaguing our education system. It’s time for policymakers to listen to our voices, prioritize our needs, and invest in our future.

Gallup Pakistan’s analysis serves as a rallying cry for youth empowerment and educational justice. Let’s unite, raise our voices, and demand the change we deserve—a future where every young Pakistani has the opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed.

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