Govt. should play its role in providing relief to the journalist community: Ikramuddin

GERMANY: (International Desk) Ikramuddin, Head of Jazba Ittehad Union of Journalists Europe, said that the government should play an important role in solving the problems and difficulties of journalists.Delivering is the main responsibility of the present government but the silence of government is unfortunate. Journalists are the greatest asset of the country and the nation but the problems of the journalists are increasing day by day due to the wrong policies of the government and that is an insult to journalism.Journalists are the people who inform you of every difficult situation at all times and in all places. Respecting journalists is the responsibility of every member of the society.Journalists are being threatened everywhere,Violence against journalists is common.Journalists are being fired by unknown individuals which is reprehensible. Journalists are those who are working with the police department to identify drugs and other incidents.