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Harassment at Minar e Pakistan on 14th August 2021

Letter to EditorHarassment at Minar e Pakistan on 14th August 2021

Despite previous incidents of rapes, murders & sexual harassment, now when everyone was busy celebrating 74th Independence Day at Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore, a woman along with her couple of friends was also there celebrating this occasion, but unfortunately, that woman was sexually harassed by a number of people over there. She was sexually abused, touched & her clothes were torn by people or so-called animals at the sight. No one among 400 men stood up for her protection not even for human rights, civil rights nor women’s rights. People say a lot about women’s rights but today whatever happens there, causing harm to the social rights of women that the whole country has witnessed integrated but no one stood up against this law violation and an animal act. Government should take notice of these human-faced beasts & punish them in such a way that no one could ever even try to abuse a woman like that. A couple of videos were gone viral on social media of sight & it can be seen that she was totally helpless and alone among those sexual abusers. People say that women should come out with decent dressings instead of modern fashionables but this woman can be seen that she was wearing a normal dress so what would those people say about this now? Now, what are the reasons behind such humiliating acts? So the thing is women dressing is not the basic reason, it’s their thinking & illiteracy that are causing such incidents. Government should provide quality education to such illiterate people so that they could also get to know about the way of living, human rights & especially women rights & morality studies. Nothing can stop them except for quality education & knowledge. So it’s a request from the Government of Pakistan to ensure proper & quality education, not merely in urban but in rural areas as well. And according to one of the amendments in the constitution of Pakistan, the government should provide free education to everyone. Literacy would help a lot to overcome these incidents. Today we’re standing at a literacy rate of 59% but it should be increased gradually. Unfortunately, Pakistan is amongst one of the most uneducated nations of Asia even lesser than Nepal, Bangladesh & Srilanka.

Muhammad Bilal Ferozi, Karachi

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