Hooliganism in National Assembly

By: Asem Mustafa Awan

They make the laws and represent millions of down-trodden Pakistanis who have been falling down the poverty line with each passing day. Their conduct in the National Assembly during the current session left a lot to be desired and showed the mental caliber of those who run the affairs of the country.

Hooliganism is a small word to describe their antics during the session, which had people who don’t represent the nation but are from another world where Pharoh’s are put to shame who in their times were viewed as the real super power and none could match them to date.

Members of the National Assembly (MNAs) across the political divide presented a portrayal that could be described as nothing but shameful. They left behind so-called parliamentary norms to attack, abuse, and hit each other with books of the budget document. Those who voted for them must have been feeling guilty conscious for electing tainted members to parliament. NA Speaker, the custodian of the house was simply helpless in tackling the situation of quarreling MNAs who showered expletives that can’t be explained in words.

The street language that befits thugs only, was like a downpour and the visitors were aghast as this can happen in the august house which represents millions of Pakistanis in the ‘land of the pure’.

These ‘so called legislators’ run amok and get away with national wealth, write off bank loans, grab state land, profiteer from hoarding and all that is punishable under the law with fine and imprisonment.

There is no law that holds them accountable for their actions as all the interrogation is for an ordinary citizen of Pakistan minus them.
These parliamentarians have long list of cases which include fraudulent deals, usurping land, criminal proceedings and what not. All the crimes under the sun are committed by them and they make it to assembly to get immunity and perks beyond belief.
Land of the pure by law allow perks to these members of the parliament which they don’t deserve. Getting to power echelons these ‘so called parliamentarians’ spend millions and they leave no stone unturned to earn billions from the position which is gained on the pretext of public service.

Their caliber is gauged from the language they used against one another which also depicts their academic levels besides grooming which sadly is very low.

No parliamentarian is a sacred cow, the crime committed should be put before the public and there is a long list all punishable by the court with fines and imprisonment. Those involved must be named and shamed and should be barred from holding public office.

It is time and the start must be made from National Assembly constituency number 1 and the contestant’s details should be made public. The crooks and criminals who made their way to the parliament in hoodwinking the system must be stained.

This has become a regular feature in the parliament where members of the house put on a contemptible and despicable act with the frivolous claim of serving the masses.

The writer is special correspondent at the ‘The Dayspring’