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Islamabad United’s PSL Victory Celebrated with Symbolic Solidarity for Palestine

By: Muhammad Faheem Anwar 

KARACHI: Imad Wasim’s all-round performance powered Islamabad United to clinch Pakistan Super League (PSL) title after five-long years by defeating Multan Sultans in the ninth edition final at National Bank Stadium here on Monday.

Set to chase 160 for their third PSL title, Islamabad United had a flying start to the pursuit as their new opening pair of Colin Munro and Martin Guptill scored 20 off the first two overs.

Islamabad United secured victory in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) season nine, triumphing over Multan Sultans in an electrifying final held at the National Bank Stadium in Karachi. However, it was their post-match celebration that truly left a lasting impression on fans and spectators.

Following their win on Monday, players from Islamabad United, including Hunain Shah, Shadab Khan, and Imad Wasim, made a powerful statement of solidarity by proudly waving the Palestinian flag as they toured the stadium to express gratitude to their supporters. The symbolic gesture aimed to draw attention to the ongoing struggles faced by the Palestinian people, who have endured heightened Israeli aggression and violence in the region since October 7.

The decision of the players to incorporate the Palestinian flag into their celebration resonated deeply with fans and onlookers, emphasizing the significance of utilizing sports as a platform to shed light on social and humanitarian issues. The gesture conveyed a message of unity and support for those affected by the enduring conflict in Palestine.

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