Keto Diet, a risky business or a reliable scheme!

By: Iraj Gill

You are fat! You look ugly, That dress would look better on you if you had lost a few pounds,I think if you lose some kgs this shirt will look even better! These and many more comments from our close pals keeps nudging us to look for a weight loss plan. And what do we look for? OF Course something easy, quick and clever. We go running to the nowadays Internet famous keto diet that every celeb is seen talking about from the International Kardashians to the national Hocane sisters.

But Is it really that secure?

Let’s talk about what Keto Diet and this hype is all about!

It’s a high fat and low carbs diet hence It’s a very efficient metabolic cycle of signaling our body to start breaking the fat molecules rather than the carbohydrates. It’s a shift of consuming less carbs and more fat that cues the body to start utilizing the fat stored in our body, and the miraculous weight loss can be spotted within weeks. The process is called ketosis and it helps our brain and body to consume its energy from the burned fat and the ketone molecules that are being released into the bloodstream.Sounds remarkable BUT is it all worth it?

Well though it might have advantages as it gets you your dream body, makes you feel fit and healthy and of course “‘the compliments’’ are a plus.However it does come with side effects, downsides and pitfalls. According to Kathy McManus, a registered dietitian, director of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital the keto diet is used to help children with epileptic seizures, and for weight loss this diet hasn’t been studied for long term effects so the researchers are not sure if its safe or not. Moreover it’s not stable as well as Wellness Dietitian Mary Condon ‘’More often than not,it’s not sustainable. Oftentimes weight gain may come back, and you’ll gain more than what you lost,”.

Furthermore Few things to keep in mind before diving into it:

● As the diet focuses on the fat portion there is no doubt it is unhealthy. According to the Dietary reference intake (DRI) a healthy portion of a fat for a human body to intake per day would be 44grm to 77grms maximum. Which should give you all a hint towards the cardiac diseases.

● Definite possibility of constipation should be expected as you will not be consuming any dietary fibres. Except for ALL FAT.

● Kidney stones could also spark out. As our Kidneys are supposed to metabolize proteins and Keto diet rushes kidneys with a high level of protein leading to dysfunction.

● Same should be expected of our liver, it is supposed to metabolize a calculated amount of fat, and keto diet is ALL ABOUT overloading our bodies with fat.

Anyhow the bottom line is that it’s basically a diet that modifies our body to work in deprivation of food. It is not a treatment for obesity or an alternative for weight loss. Normally you are trying to take a short route and actually fall into a trap of major and permanent health concerns for a temporary look of your body.It’s important that you pay a visit to a registered and recognized nutritionist, and discuss the merits and merits of the diet plans to follow for a healthy weight loss rather than taking shortcuts.

Focus on exercising, maintaining a good and healthy diet and keeping yourself physically fit.