Man’s best friend is no more a friend

PHOTO: Kamran Butt
By: Asem Mustafa

They are considered man’s best friend but the four legged friend in ‘land of the pure’ Pakistan faces life threat from humans who are devoid of compassion and empathy.

The picture tells it all and the photographer captured the moment when all the dogs are on the run owing to man who is throwing stones at them for no reason.

Did they sit in his ‘tuk tuk’? Did they steal away his meal or money for that matter? There is apparently no logical reason for his actions.

The sadistic nature of the man making all these street smart and stray dogs on the run fearing pain is evident that there is nothing that makes him fearful of his actions.

There is law of the land that protects the animal and Honourable Justice, Justice Athar Minallah who is Chief Justice Islamabad High Court has given a wakeup call to authorities who were found mistreating the lone Asian elephant Kaavan in Islamabad Zoo.

 Kaavan’s tale made headlines globally and he got lucky in escaping from the cruel captors who tried their best to kill the largest mammal on planet earth for his ivory tusks.

People watch what was happening and stood up for the voiceless creature which has made his way to an elephant sanctuary in Cambodia.

Not long ago there has been regular reports in the media about animals getting killed at the hands of zoo keepers who were either inexperienced or were political appointees. The pair of lions got killed by their hands and an ostrich died in 24 hours while shifting. All the giraffes imported under Animal Exchange Programme in two years were killed due to negligence.

The stray dogs keep themselves away from humans as man as a beast is the most fearful creature on planet earth and knows no mercy.

There was a heroic made by a stray dog not long ago when someone dumped an illegitimate child and the dog was there to keep it warm and bring it in public notice.

This four legged creature is mentioned in the scripture as he protected the people who slept in the cave for years. He is mentioned for his demeanor and posture which kept people at bay.

There are countless examples of bravery, audacity and sacrifice from this creature but there are not many humans can boast about. World has dog shelters and its time Pakistan should get one too.