Mustafia Sharif Foundation distributes ration packs among deserving families

PESHAWAR:(Ikram Ud Din) After Partial LockDown in Provincial Capital Peshawar Owing to Corona virus outbreak, Dr Fassah Chairperson of the Mustafia Sharif UK Charity Foundation on Thursday distributed food items among 20 deserving families in KPK Peshawar through her Representative Naveed Khan.The food ration was distributed among labourers and other members of the community who were in dire need of assistance and relief.They were all passing through extremely turbulent times,as covid-19 has plagued the world.The Mustafia Sharif Charity foundation felt that it was their moral duty to be of help for the needy- daily wage workers primarily who can not sustain themselves.Dr Fassah informed Naveed Khan to buy food items from Mustafia Sharif resources and distribute them among most deserving people in KPK Peshawar.On the occasion of food items distribution, Dr Fassah Called from UK and said that,the process will remain continue in forthcoming days to provide it to remaining needy families.She claimed the foundation will also extend the assistance to other districts of the khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.She also said that MustafiaSharif Organization will leave no stone unturned to approach poor section of the society in this critical condition.Dr Fassah requested people to donate generously,whereby one ration package could support a family for one month.”Together in their fight against COVID-19″