No Health without Mental Health

 By: Laiba Idrees and Huma Javed   

Stress is the root cause of mental problems. Everyone experience occasional stress. Since our lives are becoming increasingly crammed with responsibilities like education, work, and raising

children, it may seem difficult to have a stress-free day. When you’re stressed for days, weeks, or months, you’re at risk for a variety of health problems especially your mental health which then affects your physical health, as well as your emotional well-being, if not managed properly it can even be life-threatening You may have constant feelings of worry and anxiety, face difficulty in understanding, irritability, muscle pain, feelings of nausea or you may face difficulty in sleeping if yes then you are actually stressed.    

Stress cause a disturbance in mental health then this disturbance in your mental health badly affects your body in many ways; you may find yourself thinking about the future and your regular to-do list constantly and stress can cause your mind to become overburdened with constant worries. These emotions, rather than concentrating on one thing at a time, flood the mind all at once, making it impossible to stop stress. Your muscles may tremble, and your body may appear unsteady. Dizziness is also a common side effect. Adrenaline, for example, can induce a burst of jittery energy in the body, and these effects are related to hormonal releases. Women are more likely to have more physical symptoms of stress than men. When compared with men, they are a reliable source of stress. This isn’t to say that men are immune to stress. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to try to avoid the tension and show no signs of it.   

 You might become hot as a result of your stress. Stress causes an increase in blood pressure which causes you to turn hot. You can become hot in circumstances where you are anxious, such as giving a presentation and giving a speech in an auditorium. Excessive body heat from stress is normally followed by stressrelated sweat. Sweat can appear on your forehead, armpits, and groin. Digestive problems may occur due to stress it can cause diarrhoea, stomach upset, and excessive urination by causing your digestive system to go haywire.   

 Stress will cause you to become irritable and even enraged. This is due to a build-up of stress-related symptoms in the mind. It can also happen if the stress is interfering with your sleep. Sleep can be difficult to come by if you can’t quiet your racing thoughts at night if your mind is stressed and full of thoughts at night sleeping becomes impossible which eventually leads to insomnia. If you’re tired, you can experience daytime sleepiness this could be due to insomnia, but it could also be the result of being tired from chronic stress. Stress will make you depressed over time constant, overwhelming stress may have a negative impact on your perspective on life. Guilty feelings are also likely to occur in an individual. Long-term stress will increase the chances of developing mental health issues. Anxiety and depression are most common. Stress is often blamed for chronic headaches tension headaches are a common name for these. The headaches can occur any time you are stressed, or they can last for a long time if you are under a lot of stress.   

 Shortness of breath is also normal in people who are stressed, and it can lead to nervousness. When people with social anxiety are confronted with stressful circumstances, they often experience shortness of breath. Breathing problems are caused by tightness in the breathing muscles. Your shortness of breath can worsen as your muscles become more tired. This can result in a panic attack in serious cases. Stress lowers the immunity of individuals and they make them susceptible to many different infections and diseases like prolonged headache may lead to migraine it not treated at time.     

Chronic stress leads to misuse of drugs people who are stressed out are more likely to smoke cigarettes and abuse drugs and alcohol. More usage of drugs to relieve stress may lead to other mental and health issues.  Ulcers may get worse when you are stressed and it is also possible to gain weight as a result of chronic stress. Excess weight can also be caused by stress-related eating habits, such as eating fast food or binge eating.   

 Prolonged and constant stress also causes high blood pressure. High blood pressure can damage your heart permanently over time. Abnormal heartbeats and chest pains are most common symptoms of stress.

Unhealthy eating habits and poor nutrition can worsen your stress excess fat, sugar, and sodium increase inflammation when you consume a lot of junk or processed foods.   

Stress levels are greatly influenced by your relationships. Stress may be exacerbated by a lack of care at home, as well as a failure to spend time with friends. The addition of stressors to your life not only affects your physical wellbeing, but also on how you behave and feel. The influence of stress has a tangible detrimental effect on both physical health and mental health of people because they are faced with more new responsibilities so this pressure of responsibilities greatly influences their mental health. So it is important how you manage it.   

Stress can be managed by developing healthy eating habits like having a healthful, balanced diet containing plenty of fruit and vegetables because a poor diet can lead to ill health and additional stress. Doing exercise because exercise not only benefits your heart, but it also aids in the production of serotonin in your brain. This brain chemical will help you keep a positive attitude about stress while also preventing anxiety and depression.  And also by  developing  a positive mind set because a positive mind set not only means a healthy mind but it regulates the positive changes in the body making you slimmer fitter less stressed active and it also helps you to live a longer and a healthier life. Managing time and organizing your routine for the urgent sensitive and most important tasks. In this way you can focus on what you have to accomplish first in this way you can avoid stress and can save yourself from its bad impacts on your mental and physical health.   

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