No one works for Karachi

Letter to The Editor,

Its a pity that a country’s economic hub is in terrible condition. But its not for the first time Karachi faces these issues, as moonsoon passes people forget so does government its on going pattern for almost 2 decades. Its all like a deja vu for karachites. The rains, instead of being a relief have turned into a nightmare, causing deaths, loadshedding, collapse of infrastructure, flooded roads and houses and a plethora of other crises.

Rainwater not only accumulated on roads but entered houses in many areas ruining furniture, appliances and other belongings.

I would like to thank Sindh Government for their contributions in ruining this wonderful city, it would not have been possible without them. And special thanks to Federal Government for only speaking about Karachi for their political gain, of course they have to say such things as they won election from Karachi.