Pak Afghan Youth Forum to hold conference on Pak Afghan relations

ISLAMABAD (APP): Pak Afghan Youth Forum is going to organize a one-day conference here on September 3 (Friday) to discuss ways to promote cooperation between the two brotherly countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan through grassroot initiatives.

“As a public diplomacy platform, we aim to educate the masses of both countries about our shared futures, culture, religion and language,” says a press release issued by the forum.

“To this effect, we have organized several training workshops for Pak-Afghan youth, jirgas, media conclave and webinars, with prominent personalities from Pakistan and Afghanistan to help ensure that Pak-Afghan future is one of solidarity and unity,” the forum stated.

The day-long conference, “Rebuilding Afghanistan Together”, aims to offer a platform for policymakers, analysts and academics to come together and provide solutions to the problems both Pakistan and Afghanistan face as the 20-year war comes to an end.

Public diplomacy is a significant tool to not only project the needs and interests of a country, but it also paves the way to come up with solution-based outcomes.

As Pakistan and Afghanistan move toward their collective destiny, it is essential for public diplomacy to assume a role that promotes peace and goodwill between the two brotherly countries.

For this purpose, given the ongoing situation, as the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is likely to worsen, PAYF in collaboration with IRS, has decided to organize a day-long conference that gathers policymakers, analysts and academics on one platform to design a response that can effectively help avert the humanitarian crisis.

Hence, both countries have a great opportunity to strengthen people-to-people contact for further collaboration.  This will jointly help both countries to project a positive image and build capacity in areas of mutual interest.