Pakistan Citizen’s Portal

Letter to The Editor,

Pakistan Citizen Portal was launched on October 28, 2018, by PM Imran Khan. He has termed his government’s innovative program a medium for a quantum change by enabling the citizens to have a look into the affairs of government through registration of their complaints. It took the attention of many Pakistanis including me that now we will have a transparent forum where we could get our problem solved but the experience I had with PCP was totally otherwise. I had two problems which I thought to be complained against in the citizen’s portal. One of the Gas shortage in my area and other was an examination issue in university. I took this forum as the only source to get my issue redressed, lodged my complaint and started waiting for a response. After their given time when i opened my account I found a single white page written as that there was problem of low pressure so we have resolved the issue. Neither any single officer contacted, nor any visit took place, nor anyone bothered to take the signature of the complainant whose name is mentioned on that page to get a signature whether the complainant is satisfied with the resolution of his problem or not. The second isn’t even responded yet. I therefore humbly request to Mr Prime Minister through this letter that kindly look into the transparency of this portal, it shouldn’t go in vain.

Sanaullah Kalwar, Kashmore,  Sindh.