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Pakistan Launches ‘Women on Wheels’ Program, Empowering 22,000 Women with Affordable Vehicles

WomenPakistan Launches 'Women on Wheels' Program, Empowering 22,000 Women with Affordable Vehicles

ISLAMABAD: In a groundbreaking move to empower women and promote their participation in society, Pakistan’s federal government has introduced the ‘Women on Wheels’ program. Under this initiative, 22,000 women working in the government orange sector, including employees and students, will have the opportunity to purchase scooters and motorcycles at discounted prices.

The program aims to address transportation challenges faced by women, providing them with affordable means of mobility. By owning their own vehicles, women can enhance their independence and conveniently navigate their daily lives, whether it’s commuting to work or pursuing education.

With a focus on gender equality and economic empowerment, ‘Women on Wheels’ offers discounted prices to overcome financial barriers. The program also extends its benefits to female students, ensuring they have access to affordable transportation for regular attendance and expanded opportunities.

The announcement has sparked enthusiasm nationwide, marking a significant stride towards gender equality and empowering women to lead more independent lives. As the program unfolds, it is expected to create positive societal changes, enabling women to actively contribute to Pakistan’s progress.

‘Women on Wheels’ will transform the lives of thousands, breaking transportation barriers and fostering women’s active participation in all aspects of society. With increased mobility and independence, women can unlock their full potential, driving a more inclusive and prosperous Pakistan.

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