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Pakistan reaches a milestone by going a full year without any polio case

HealthPakistan reaches a milestone by going a full year without any polio case
By: Our Editor

Pakistan reached a historic milestone by going a full year without a report of a single child being paralyzed by the wild poliovirus. President, Rotary International Shekhar Mehta acknowledged the efforts of the Rotary members in Pakistan to achieve this milestone.

Rotary International provided nearly US$347 million for polio eradication activities.

Mehta said in a statement that as one of the last two remaining wild polio-endemic countries, Pakistan’s milestone represents meaningful progress and proves that a polio-free world is possible and within our grasp. Rotary members in Pakistan have played a vital role in achieving this milestone by raising awareness, advocating with government officials, engaging religious and community leaders, donating, and holding fundraisers.  And through our grant funding, Rotary has supported thousands of health workers, purchased lifesaving polio vaccines, contributed to polio immunization campaigns and surveillance efforts, and established health camps and water filtration plants to bring broader health services to communities in Pakistan, he added.

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