Pakistani female scientist set to unveil the world’s first eco-friendly aircraft engine

Dr Sara Qureshi
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A female aerospace engineer from Pakistan is all set to produce the world’s first-generation pollution-free engine which is to be unveiled in Pakistan late 2020. Statistics reveal contrails have contributed 15% to global warming & number is said to be rising.

The new engine design will turn contrails into clean water and even make artificial rain
The world’s first-generation contrail-free aircraft engine, currently being built in Pakistan for the global aviation industry, is expected to be ready between mid-to-late 2020, the technological marvel’s inventor, Dr. Sarah Qureshi, revealed.

Qureshi has been working on the project since 2018 to eliminate the negative impact of commercial air carriers on the stratosphere that contributes to global warming.

According to an international news outlet, the Pakistani scientist explained the contrail phenomenon, a visible white streak of smoke emitted from an aircraft’s jet engines during flight, and discussed its harmful effects on Earth’s atmosphere.

Dr. Sarah Qureshi holds a Master’s in Aerospace Dynamics and a Ph.D. in Aerospace Propulsion from Cranfield University, UK. Engineering has been previously treated like a ”man’s field” in Pakistan, however, Dr. Sarah has reclaimed female space in Pakistan’ aerospace sphere, making it evident that women are no less!