PM Imran Khan announces special youth force to battle coronavirus

By: Our Correspondent/PR

ISLAMABAD: Prime of Pakistan Minister Imran Khan has announced the launch of a youth force named “corona relief tigers” to fight against deadly and fast-spreading coronavirus.

According to the details, PM Khan in a media briefing said that the government has decided to set up ‘Corona Relief Tiger Force’ which will provide food at home to the needy at their doorsteps. “We need youth in the battle against coronavirus,” PM added.

The premier said that China locked down its Wuhan city for several months but they provided food to people on their doorsteps. That’s what the Government of Pakistan will do through the tiger force if the whole country goes into lockdown.

The government will also set up a special fund for daily-wage workers and unemployed people, PM Khan announced. He urged well-to-do people to deposit money in the fund.

He said those in need would also provide money through the government’s Ehsaas programme.

PM further said that the country’s foreign exchange reserves are going down because the recent crisis has badly hurt the import and export sector.

The government will open a separate account in the central bank for overseas Pakistanis, he said, where they could deposit their money.

PM Khan said that money will help the country stabilize its foreign exchange reserves and lift pressure on its currency.