PM stresses on initiating Sufi teachings to youth

Prime Minister Imran Khan has stressed on the significance of initiating Sufi teachings in true spirit and philosophy of the Sufi saints to the youth. He was talking to Dr Tamara Sonn, a professor of Islamic History at Georgetown University, who called on him in Islamabad.

The prime minister said it is extremely essential to aware the youth of Sufi saints’ service in spread of Islam in the Sub-continent and research and broad study should be encouraged to meet the challenges of the current times. Imran Khan said his government has placed the foundation stone of Al-Qadir University at Sohawa to study Sufi teachings in its true spirit.

He said a committee is being constituted under the ministry of education to introduce subjects pertaining to Sufi teachings in the educational institutions, which will present its suggestions regarding nature of subjects and syllabus. The prime minister praised Dr Tamara Sonn’s educational and research endeavors, especially her struggles to educate students regarding Islamic teachings. Islamic history, traditions and civilization, Allama Iqbal’s poetry and philosophy, and steps taken to portrait real image of Islam among youth also came under discussion during the meeting.