Sacrifice your ego with this eid

Letter to The Editor,

Eid ul Adha is famous for sacrificing animals to follow the sunnah of Ibrahim A.S. It is recounted in Quran that Allah appeared to Prophet Ibrahim in a dream and commanded him to sacrifice his most dear possession as an act of obedience and  submission. When Ibrahim tried to sacrifice his animal Allah SAW said: sacrifice the thing you love most. Ibrahim said I love my son Ismail more than anything else. Then Allah SAW commanded him to sacrifice his son Ismail. When he let the Ismail know about whole story he agreed to be sacrificed. So when Ibrahim took his sword and was about to sacrifice his son,  Allah SAW accepted his efforts and suddenly replaced the Ismail with Sheep. thereafter it was made obligatory for all Muslims to do sacrifice on eid ul Adha every year to honour the Ibrahim’s spirit of sacrifice . This eid, however not only taught us to sacrifice but it is about giving up something you hold dear in devotion to Allah SAW. As our hearts haven been filled out with hatred, greed and selfishness.. Therefore, we should learn from the incident and sacrifice our ego.

Sanaullah Kalwar, Kashmore, Sindh.