Shah Jahan Mosque

The Shah Jehan Mosque in Thatta is undoubtedly the most beautiful Mughal structure in Sindh. I have always heard about this beautiful valley Thatta and shah Jahan Mosque but never had a chance to visit it, but fortunately last month I got an opportunity to visit it. 
When I reached there it was really so beautiful how beautiful the structure was created by Mughal King in 3 years. Thatta was the capital of three dynasties. The traces of which are evident in Makli necropolis. The most famous of these sites is the Makli hill, which is three kilometres from that city. The witnessed the ups and downs of Mughals, one of its best attractions, is Shah Jahan Mosque.

The feature which I liked the most about the mosque is its designs that circulate all over and it has a very large place for prayer purposes; indeed the epitome of beauty. 
But one thing which I clearly want to add to make this place more exquisite is its lighting, which is very dim. A lot of tourists do stay back until evening/ night and therefore it’s worthwhile expending more on lighting up this place coupled with having better maintenance done for the structure itself. It is of paramount importance to have the maintenance done on a regular basis. 

A definitely must visit destination,  do go there with your family and relatives but try visiting the place during the day time.

By: Midra Khan, Department of Mass communication University of Karachi