Tourism can alleviate poverty

Letter to The Editor,

The promotion of tourism can be vital to alleviate poverty. As Pakistan is blessed with many natural hills, lakes, waterfalls, and mountain ranges, the incumbent government is making commendable efforts to promote the tourism industry in Pakistan. Tourism is linked to many factors, like a peaceful environment, proper sanitation, cleanliness, and the provision of stay facilities. When people feel secure and safe, they will take an interest in visiting and exploring beautiful places in Pakistan. However, the government of Pakistan has been actively promoting tourism, which is very appreciable.

As tourism possesses the power to create jobs, which ultimately reduces poverty, Visitors buy domestic goods while visiting tourist attractions. will buy special gifts from there for their loved ones. And the hotels will also improve dramatically. A number of people will enjoy the small-enterprise jobs. When tourism is enhanced, people buy famous cultural gifts like caps, shawls, dresses, and beddings for their own use. And ultimately, these activities reduce poverty. When jobs are created, it opens up opportunities for locals to earn a living. They start consumption and their per capita income will likely increase in a short span of time.

The government of Pakistan must initiate mobile apps to catch the attention of visitors. Technological advancement enhances the ability to market well. The app should have historical information as well as weather conditions, traffic conditions, etc. So the visitors can be fascinated as much as they like. The overall economic cycle will run smoothly. The earned revenue will benefit both Pakistan’s GDP and the locals who are facing immense poverty. The COVID 19 had a significant impact on all units and the tourism industry. Now, tourism needs effort to promote itself, like plants need water.

Jawad Ahmed Awan, Islamabad