Ukranian singer Kristina Drobinka appreciated for singing Dil Dil Pakistan

Ambassador of Pakistan to Ukrain Mr. Zahid Mubashir Sheikh awarding Ukranian singer Kristina Drobinka an honorary sign for her contribution to promote Pakistani culture

Islamabad, 25th April 2019: Ambassador of Pakistan to Ukraine Mr. Zahid Mubashir Sheikh and Mr. Zeb Alam Khan Takkar Invited Miss Kristina Drobinka at Embassy of Pakistan to Ukraine and highly appreciated her performance Dil Dil Pakistan song. Miss Kristina Drobinka is the first Ukrainian singer in the history of Pakistan and Ukrainian relations, who performed Urdu song “Dil Dil Pakistan” and win the hearts of Pakistanis. She performed at Pakistan Tourism Summit at held in Islamabad .

Mr. Zahid Mubashir Sheikh awarded her an honorary sign for her contribution to promote the culture of Pakistan, he also said that Miss Kristina Drobinka is the true Ambassador of Pakistan in Ukraine, Pak Ukraine Trade Culture and Education Center Islambabad, is putting humble efforts to promote the culture between the both countries.