Urdu is not being valued

Despite being our national language, Urdu, is not being valued which it deserves. Our young generations believe that doing master in Urdu is complex while English is comfortable. This is because they use English vocabularies in their every common utter.

If we take a look at some developed or leading countries like China, Germany, Turkey and Russia etc, they pay extreme heed on their mother tongue and consider English as a second language. Mentioned countries even did not include English subject in their country’s curriculum.  While we are going totally opposite to them. Our educational system and teachers are playing the sole role for declination of Urdu language in four provinces. They judge the wisdom of a student according to his fluent speaking of English. If we look upon SSC  syllabus of Sindh Board, here  Urdu is only taught in matric class while there is the existence of English in twice years. 

Furthermore, In Pakistan English is considered the language of modernity and also the favoured language on social media platforms which the young are more likely to communicate with. The website data shows that only 10% of people speak Pakistan’s national language.

Lastly, the use of Urdu among youngsters has largely been restricted to compulsory Urdu lessons in schools. In its behalf, I personally request our educational authorities and the media to promote the use of Urdu in school college and on social media.

Sameer Umrani, Malir, karachi