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What is destiny

BlogsWhat is destiny
By: Aqsa Azmat 

Let’s get straight into the topic. What is destiny? Is this something prewritten or do we write it with our own choice? So, let me clear your thoughts. Destiny is the outcome of the choices and decisions that our life makes us take. Destiny is something that is in our control. It is influenced by human actions.

Here, I want to clear one big misconception. Many people misinterpret fate and destiny. Yes, they are related to each other but not the same thing. Fate is written by Allah Almighty in al-Lawh al-Mahfooz. It is divinely planned that cannot be changed. It is something that is beyond our powers. No matter what happens, it is meant to happen. As Allah Almighty stated in Quran: “Inscribed on a well-guarded Tablet

For instance, if you look around yourself there are hundreds of things over which you do not have any control such as your life and death. Where were you born? When and where you will die. Your physical appearance and features. Your spouse. You are powerless here. This is your fate.  It is already planned by Allah and it will not change for anyone. Allah Almighty said: Not a leaf falls but that He knows it –

Now come towards the real question that is do we possess the free will to perform our actions or our actions are predestined? If yes, then why are we supposed to perform our actions if they are already destined/written?

We perform hundreds of actions throughout the day. We have to make choices in our daily life. On what grounds do we perform our actions and make choices? Our actions are based on our free will. It is our choice whether we perform good deeds or bad deeds. Whether we avail the opportunity or lose it. We are responsible for our actions.

Although our destination is already written by Allah. He knows what action we are going to perform. What choice we will make. Only He knows everything. He has complete knowledge of our past, present and future. But we humans do not know what is written for our future. So,  we cannot just sit idle and wait for our destiny to decide. For instance, If we perform good deeds, we will be rewarded with Paradise. Likely, our bad deeds will take us to hell. It means results are based on our actions and deeds. This is the power of free will.

We can conclude that we are not the architect of our fate nor are we absolutely bound to the law/rule of predestination. Allah has given us the freedom to perform our actions and that is why we are accountable for our actions.

In Quran, our Lord has pointed many times toward the autonomy conferred upon man. He stated: Man shall have nothing but what he strives for

But ultimately sovereignty belongs to Allah Almighty. He has complete knowledge of our past, present and future. He knows what action we will perform. Whether we will do good deeds or bad deeds. Whether we will be rewarded or punished on the day of judgment.

Now you might think if He knows everything and has control over our fate then why it is evil. It is because we are misguided by our Nafs, devil and free will that results in bad deeds. Allah commands us to perform good deeds. He has clearly shown us both the right and wrong paths. And gave us the freedom to choose either. Still many of us sin. So, instead of blaming luck, we should focus on our bad deeds that result in our bad luck.

Additionally, if something good or bad happens to us it might be a test or trial by Allah. Sometimes a person struggles so hard but he does not get much reward as compared to other people who did not do much. Allah tests His people by putting them on a trial. So it is Allah’s will whomever He blessed or not.

Lastly, being Muslims we should strongly believe in fate. This faith keeps us on the right path. We have faith that whatever our Lord has written for us is best for us. It gives you inner peace and relieves you from stress and ultimately we perform good deeds.

Let Allah Almighty decide what’s best for us.

The writer is a student of pharmacy at the University of Punjab.

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