‘Youth alliance on family planning’ urges govt. to work for mental and reproductive health

PHOTO: UNFPA Pakistan/Asad Zaidi
Our Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: National Youth Alliance on Family Planning (NYAFP) in a statement showed great concerns over rising difficulties for young people, transgender community, women and people with disabilities. The alliance feared that the prolonged disruption of education could lead to a rise in child labour and child marriages. Lauding the efforts of the Pakistani government during the pandemic it also urged the government to work more for vulnerable communities and to curb the rising problems related to mental health, reproductive health and family planning. 

Referring to the UNICEF report regarding 05 million expected births in Pakistan during the pandemic, the alliance urged the government to start a massive awareness campaign and take measures on urgent basis.

National Youth Alliance on Family Planning (NYAFP) is a consortium of various youth-led organizations including Youth Advocacy Network, The Dayspring, CHANAN Development, Kafka Welfare Society, SSDO, Activists Alliance, iHelp and others. It works to engage young people for meaningful youth participation and suggest government institutions to works on areas that can curb issues related to population control and reproductive health.