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Austria’s Public Diplomacy in a Dynamic Global Environment

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Book Review: Ayesha’s Gift

Review By: Ayesha Khan

From the author of the bestselling book Philomena, Ayesha’s Gift is a non-fictional book based on a true story. Author Martin Sixmsith is a journalist and the book is written in a biographical form. The story is shocking, enlightening, dangerous, and heartbreaking.

Ayesha, a Pakistan-born British Hijabi with Cambridge education and emerging IT business was living peacefully in Britain. One day she gets a call from Pakistan informing that her father committed suicide. She went to Pakistan to investigate by herself why her gentle, warm-hearted, and loving father ended his own life. She enters Pakistan and unveils a number of undisclosed chapters of his father’s life. Meanwhile, the circumstances led her to feel a lack of belonging in both nations she belonged to.

The book is written in an uncomplicated way and reflects the discrimination faced by dual nationalists. The repercussions of 9/11 on Muslims living in Europe and their lack of belonging to the place they call home. Will Ayesha succeed in bringing his father’s death into the legal hands of justice? Did Britain equip her with the rights they claim?

The story came across land mafia operators in Pakistan, honor killing, and traditional rituals that have been followed for ages. How Karachi’s land is blood-stained yet it provides shelter and bread to the ones who humiliate it. How political affairs are handled and how justice is being followed in Pakistan. The multicultural interior of houses having Iranian rugs and the tasteful bliss of pickles and seasonings in the book showcase the vibrant core of Pakistan.

Along with deathly incidents the book provides readers a sensation of empathy and exploration of multiculturalism. It is an amalgamation of fear, hope, resilience and understanding. A perfect read for individuals possessing an interest in Asian affairs, filthy politics, and emotional breakages.

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