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Empowering Pakistani Youth: Emerging Leaders Academy Shapes Democracy and Combats Misinformation


DERA ISMAIL KHAN: Pakistan’s youth holds pivotal force in the upcoming elections, shaping the nation’s democratic future. At the “Emerging Leaders Academy,” organized by Bargad, speakers emphasized the vital role of youth in democracy. Encouraging political involvement, they highlighted the need for parties and institutions to maximize youth participation. The ELA training equips young leaders with essential skills, empowering them to address local issues, enhance soft skills, and create policies while fostering opportunities for their growth as influential leaders.

On the occasion, the speakers said that the youth’s involvement is crucial for democracy, and the political parties and institutions should encourage and ensure maximum participation of youth in the political process.

Speakers said that the ELA training will help young leaders to understand fundamental skills and to identify hyperlocal concerns, soft skills including storytelling, emotional intelligence, develop policy proposals, and gran youth opportunities, tools, and incentives to grow and be seen as leaders.

While addressing the audience, Muhammad Fazal Rehman, Incharge of the Regional Press Information Department, highlighted the escalating impact of fake news and misinformation, especially on the younger generation. He emphasized that while these concepts aren’t new, the proliferation of fake news has surged dramatically due to the prevalence of social media and the internet. Rehman stressed the urgency of protecting our youth from the detrimental effects of this phenomenon, underlining the crucial need to shield them from the negative influence of fake news, misinformation, and disinformation.

He stressed that the inclusion of youth in the decision-making and democratic process was of pivotal importance for ensuring a peaceful democratic society.

Throughout the workshop, renowned experts and social activists including Sabiha Shaheen, Iqbal Hyder Butt, Saika Rani, Dr. Sadaf, Sanaullah Khan, Bilal Naqib, Mashhood Ali, and others conducted various sessions and deliver their keynotes.

The experts shared their invaluable insights on the workshop’s significance and the pivotal role of youth in advancing democracy in Pakistan.

The discussants also explored social media’s influence on youths’ perception of themselves and the world around them, the impact of misinformation overload on youth, and the role of social media in shaping up social and emotional characters of young people.

The experts hoped that the participants of this training would benefit other members of the society with their practical role.

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