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Azad Kashmir To Reveal Its Youth Policy

YouthAzad Kashmir To Reveal Its Youth Policy
By: Faheem Anwar

MUZAFFARABAD: The Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) government is set to announce its youth policy during the AJK Youth Summit 2023 this Monday. Ms. Midhat Shahzad, the secretary for sports, youth, and culture in AJK, shared insights with the media regarding the summit’s agenda.

With experts from diverse fields participating, the summit aims to provide comprehensive training and guidance to the youth. Ms. Shahzad emphasized the pivotal role of the youth as a valuable asset, underscoring the need to channel their energies into positive and constructive avenues.

Collaborating with organizations such as the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the AJK government seeks to craft a youth policy that reflects the aspirations of the younger generation. The policy’s formulation will incorporate the input gathered from youth participants across the summit’s four sessions.

Addressing the pressing challenge of unemployment, the policy will spotlight the importance of guiding youth towards technical education alongside conventional schooling. Ms. Shahzad highlighted the significance of skilled manpower, citing its demand not only in domestic job markets but also internationally.

Furthermore, recognizing AJK’s potential in tourism, information technology, and hydropower sectors, the youth policy will propose strategies to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in accessing fiscal resources for their business ventures.

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