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Execution is the Key: Implementing Good Ideas to Tackle Climate Change in Pakistan

Arisha Irshad Ali

The effectiveness of an idea lies in its execution. Having great ideas for climate change is not enough. Without a proper channel and planning, these ideas are just like shoes that don’t fit and never will. It’s important to align the execution plan with the country’s scenario to ensure its success. However, the execution channel is often underrated in our country. We have many good ideas that are already in action internationally, but unfortunately, they are inactive in Pakistan.

We need to mend our ways to get the different shiny rays. Marcelo said, ” An idea without execution is the same as a hallucination”. We all are aware of hallucinations it’s nothing just an illusion. Do we are waiting to get things better when we are the leaders? We need to take responsibility. Pakistan is predicted to get heavy rain from the previous year. We need to heed this because we aren’t able to beat the effects of climate change. This makes our country’s bone hollow which means no strength at all. Do we have a proper channel for this? Water channels are filled with dump instead of giving channels to water. Are they contribute to alarming situations? Or they can make the bad situation worst. Do our riverine areas are clean? We have good ideas but they are applicable according to our means? 

Good ideas fail because expense, expertise, complexity, skill full people, and logistic parameter are not well defined. They must planned and prepared before the execution. Pakistan suffered a lot due to climate change and will suffer more according to predictions. The bad decision of leaders places Pakistan on the edge. 

Making a bad decision on occasion is inevitable. Compounding a bad decision by following it with an idiotic choice is a lack of discipline. It s high time to resolve this climate change and join hands together for a better future. The sooner we discard the idea, the more quickly we can turn our attention to ideas with power. We need to change the thought, dynamics will take care of itself.

The writer is a freelance blogger. She can be reached at [email protected]

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