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First Lady Advocates for Teacher Recognition and Women’s Empowerment at Behbud Girls College Ceremony

WomenFirst Lady Advocates for Teacher Recognition and Women's Empowerment at Behbud Girls College Ceremony

ISLAMABAD: First Lady, Samina Alvi on Tuesday underscored the invaluable contributions of teachers and the imperative need for their recognition in shaping the future of nation.  Addressing the Teachers Appreciation Ceremony of Behbud Girls College and Higher Secondary School, she lauded Behbud Association for their dedication to recognising and appreciating the hard work of teachers.   She emphasised the vital role, teachers play in shaping the future of their students and commended the organisation for championing the cause of women empowerment through education.

The first lady stressed the importance of teachers focusing on critical thinking, IT skills, and communication skills in children.   In a society increasingly reliant on these skills, she underscored the need for character building and instilling values to foster civilised and compassionate citizens.  Expressing concern over the educational landscape, the first lady asserted, “Teachers are the backbone of our schools, working tirelessly to mould children into constructive contributors to society.”   She highlighted the transformative power of education and emphasised that change in society is achievable through effective education.   She expressed sorrow over the fact that 10 million children were out of school in the country.

Diving deeper into the education discourse, the first lady drew attention to the critical role of mothers in laying the foundation for a childs education.  She stated, “An educated mother is a strong pillar of a strong society,” adding half of the population in Pakistan comprised women.  She lamented the high illiteracy rates in Pakistan, especially among female children, owing to a male-dominated society, stressing the need for a paradigm shift.

In a poignant revelation, the first lady shed light on the challenges faced by women in remote areas, deprived of educational opportunities due to various constraints.   She passionately advocated for the empowerment of women, recognising them as indispensable for a progressive society.   She referenced the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report, ranking Pakistan 145 out of 146 countries, underscoring the urgency for change.

The first lady concluded her address by sharing her dedication to various social issues, including breast cancer awareness, mental health, and stress management.   She highlighted the scarcity of psychiatrists in Pakistan and the stigma surrounding mental health, calling for increased awareness.   Additionally, she expressed her commitment to facilitating differently-abled citizens and empowering women and girls in Pakistan.

In closing remarks, the first lady expressed gratitude to the media persons for their pivotal role in creating awareness on these crucial issues and educating the masses.   The ceremony concluded with the distribution of certificates and gifts to teachers and students who had displayed exceptional performance, underscoring the importance of recognising and rewarding excellence in education.

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