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The Dilemma of the Iran-Pakistan Peace Pipeline

By: Abeera Rehman The Pak-Iran gas pipeline, also...

Hackathon Focuses on Urban Water Conservation with Collaborative and Youth-Led Solutions

By: Maleeha Irfan ISLAMABAD: A two-day Hackathon titled...

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Government Data Exposes High Disengagement Rates Among British Youth of Pakistani Origin


ISLAMABAD: The annual population survey by the British government revealed that the majority of the young people aged 16 – 24 of Pakistani origin in the UK are neither employed nor engaged in any form of education or training.

According to these government statistics, an average of 11.5% of young people within the same age group in the UK find themselves in this disengaged category. However, the figures for those of Pakistani descent are notably higher, with a disengagement rate of 14.3%. Following closely are young people of Bangladeshi origin at 12%, British white youth at 11.7%, black youth at 11.5%, and British youth hailing from other Asian countries at 11.3%.

Conversely, the data also reveals that Indian and Chinese youth between the ages of 16 and 24 exhibit the lowest rates of disengagement from education, training, and employment when compared to their counterparts from other nationalities residing in the UK. The disengagement rate stands at 7.3% for Indian-origin youth and a mere 4.5% for Chinese-origin youth, underscoring their comparatively higher participation in these vital areas.

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