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The Dilemma of the Iran-Pakistan Peace Pipeline

By: Abeera Rehman The Pak-Iran gas pipeline, also...

Hackathon Focuses on Urban Water Conservation with Collaborative and Youth-Led Solutions

By: Maleeha Irfan ISLAMABAD: A two-day Hackathon titled...

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Irfan Junejo’s Fundraiser for Palestine Raises PKR5 Million, Atif Aslam Donates PKR15 Million in Heartfelt Support


KARACHI: Professional YouTuber Irfan Junejo led a successful fundraiser for Palestine, raising a staggering PKR5 million to support those facing Israeli cruelty and violence. He handed over the funds to AlKhidmat Foundation, who expressed their gratitude and acknowledgment, stating, “Famous Vlogger and blogger Irfan Junejo, along with his dedicated fans, raised PKR5.37 million for Palestine-Gaza Relief and contributed the donation to Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan.”

Junejo emphasized the significant role played by his followers in this noble cause. This heartfelt initiative aligns with the efforts of influential figures in Pakistan, such as Atif Aslam, who generously contributed PKR15 million for essential medical and food aid to Gaza, Palestine, and received deep gratitude from Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan.

These contributions showcase the compassion and positive impact influential figures can have on those in need. The funds are expected to provide vital assistance, including medical aid and food supplies, to the people of Palestine, who are grappling with health, food, water, and medical challenges, contingent on border conditions and aid allowances.

Additionally, celebrities like Osman Khalid Butt, Hasan Raheem, and Ushna Shah have been vocal advocates for Palestine, serving as voices for those affected by Israel’s actions.

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