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LUMS Wins Best Delegation at Harvard Model UN, Inspiring Pakistani Youth

YouthLUMS Wins Best Delegation at Harvard Model UN, Inspiring Pakistani Youth
By: Mahnoor Gul 

LAHORE: In the dynamic realm of international diplomacy, where the brightest minds converge to tackle pressing global issues, a group of seven students from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has not only claimed victory but has become a source of inspiration for Pakistani youth. At the prestigious Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN), this tight-knit delegation secured the Best Small Delegation trophy for the second consecutive year, etching their names into history.

HNMUN, recognized as the world’s oldest and most prestigious Model UN conference, annually gathers 1500-1800 delegates from top universities globally, along with national teams from various countries, including the West Indies and Peru. This platform, renowned for its cut-throat competition, spans discussions on diverse global issues—from Artificial Intelligence to Climate Change. Teams from elite institutions such as Princeton, Stanford, and Yale set the stage for an unparalleled intellectual battleground.

In this arena of academic giants, the LUMS delegation emerged not just as winners but as a beacon of hope for Pakistani youth on the international stage. Defying odds and shattering stereotypes, they became the first non-American or European team to secure the title of Best Small Delegation two years in a row. This historic achievement reflects not only the individual brilliance of the LUMS team but also epitomizes the resilience, tenacity, and collaborative spirit that define the academic ethos of the university.

The journey to victory was undoubtedly challenging, from overcoming jetlag to navigating language barriers. Representing Pakistan—a nation rich in diversity and opportunities—the LUMS team showcased an unparalleled grasp of international affairs, navigating the intricacies of diplomacy with finesse. Their ability to articulate, negotiate, and advocate for their nation’s positions set a new benchmark, earning them accolades from peers and judges alike.

Central to this triumph is the unwavering support of sponsors, and in this case, the pivotal role played by Bank Al Falah deserves special mention. Their commitment to nurturing and fostering the potential of these young diplomats ensured the team’s participation at HNMUN by sponsoring a student’s experience. Through collaborations like these, our youth can access opportunities previously out of reach, paving the way for a future where Pakistani talent can shine on the global stage.

This triumph goes beyond the confines of a single university or nation—it is a resounding win for Asia. By securing the top spot in a competition traditionally dominated by Western institutions, LUMS has made history and elevated the standing of Asian universities on the global stage. This victory inspires aspiring diplomats and international relations enthusiasts across the continent, proving that excellence knows no geographical bounds.

Our youth is a beacon of hope in a dark time of uncertainty and doubt. We hope this feat inspires Pakistani youth to reach any goals because the sky is the only limit, and this group of seven aims to support the raw talent we foster in our country. In a world grappling with unprecedented challenges, the success of the LUMS delegation at HNMUN underscores the pivotal role of diverse voices in shaping global discourse. It is a testament to the power of education, collaboration, and perseverance in overcoming barriers, making history, and paving the way for a future where Pakistani youth play a pivotal role in shaping the world’s diplomatic landscape.

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