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Measles Outbreak Claims Four Lives in Sujawal’s Talib Richo Coastal Village

HealthMeasles Outbreak Claims Four Lives in Sujawal's Talib Richo Coastal Village
By: Kamran Khamiso

SUJAWAL: A measles outbreak in Talib Richo coastal village, located 10 kilometers from Jati town in the district of Sujawal, has tragically resulted in the loss of four lives.

Late Monday night, reports from the affected village revealed the emergence of the epidemic following a complaint made by local journalists and social activists.

The situation has sparked an emergency response across the district, exposing shortcomings in both administration and the provision of essential services to remote areas.

Medical teams, dispatched by District Health Officer Dr. Hanif Memon, have begun to arrive in Talib Richo village to assess the severity of the outbreak.

Officials from the district health department, when questioned about the situation, attributed the lack of awareness to the failure to vaccinate children in remote areas against preventable diseases, leading to fatal consequences.

Efforts are underway to establish anti-measles vaccination camps in the affected village and surrounding areas until the outbreak is fully contained.

Among the casualties are four-year-old Gul Muhammad, three-year-old Anila, daughter of Qadir Richo, two-month-old baby boy Ahmed, and Azizulah.

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