Ode to charity

The writer is a former diplomat
By: Amb. Salahuddin Choudhry

C                      charming cheerful charters man his life

H                     hosting his own family friends to all

A                      assuring assuaging those in needs rife

R                      rises to occasion for help not fall

I                       innately felt when human in pain wrecks

T                      tormented truncated be seen reeling

Y                      yielding to naught as poverty sure pecks

T                      them in distress just like one’s own writhing

H                     home indeed is where charity begins

Y                      yeoman’s job it may be yet needs be done

N                     nothing’s greater than sacrifice it seeks

A                      at the call of man from man not to shun

M                      man’s act of kindness surely majestic

E                      ever human let’s be philanthropic.