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Peace Camp Empowers Seminary Students for Harmony


TALAGANG: E HANDS in collaboration with Chanan Development Association and Jamia Baitussalam, organized a three-day peace camp Taleem-e-Amn 2.0 for the students of Jamia Baitussalam Talagang. This modern religious seminary also provides contemporary education to the students. The peace camp aimed to educate the students about peace, harmony, and social cohesion so they become advocates for tolerance and peace. 

The peace camp featured four thematic workshops that delved into crucial topics such as Peacebuilding and its Approaches, Religion and Peace, Social Peacebuilding and Non-violent Communication, and Peacebuilding in Action: Real-life Examples and their Impact on Society. The workshops were conducted by Dr. Abdul Muhaimin, Head of the Department of Islamic and Religious Studies at the University of Haripur, Dr. Inam Ullah, Director General (Research) at Council of Islamic Ideology, Sahibzada M. Amanat Rasul, Chairman Idara Fikr-e-Jadeed and Dr. Muhammad Hussain, Consultant at Peace and Education Foundation. 

In addition to the workshops, the students participated in a sports activity. A visit to Namal University Mianwali was also arranged for participants of the peace camp where they attended a session on how to get admission at Namal on 100% scholarship and interacted with university students. The visit concluded with a call-on with the Rector of Namal University Prof. Dr. Najmul Islam where possible avenues for academic collaboration and study opportunities for Jamia Baitussalam graduates at Namal were discussed and the Rector instructed the concerned official to make a liaison with Jamia Baitussalam. 

“Taleem-e-Amn 2.0 peace camp has set a remarkable precedent in promoting peace education among religious seminary students. The vision behind this peace camp was to engage students of religious seminaries to build their capacities on peace education because when they graduate from the religious seminary, they attain an influential position at the community level and reach out to masses”, said Muhammad Hussain Amin, Project Lead of Taleem-e-Amn 2.0. 

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