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Pregnancy is not a Disease

BlogsPregnancy is not a Disease
By: Arisha Irshad Ali

Pregnancy is a natural phenomenon through which a mother starts the journey of motherhood. The dream journey. Bearing a cjold dor whole 9 months and dealing with stress at the same time is not easy. The hardest thing ever but we make it worst by treating women as an ill patient.Yes, pregnant women frequently get unwell, but pregnancy itself is not a disease.In south Asian context, pregnant women suppose to stick with the bed and be a coach potato. It is anxious to think that inactivity in pregnancy will bless you, the best healthy baby.Indeed rest is best, but excess of everything is hazardous to health. Precautions are better than cure byt extra precautionary measures are dangerous too.Physical inactivity in pregnancy has been associated with excessive gestational weight gain, hypertensive disorders, gestational diabetes mellitus and postpartum depression. 

Every parent dreams that their baby grows up to be healthy and intelligent. Research estimates that your genes are responsible for half of your baby’s IQ. The baby’s environment influences the rest. Your diet, emotions, and the uterine environment are of critical importance and often overlooked.That says Linda Geddes is precisely why the bombardment of conflicting advice can feel so alarming. “Pregnant women are uniquely vulnerable. Often, they’ve never been pregnant before, and they’re desperate to do the best thing for their child. The idea that they might do something that harms the unborn child is horrifying to them. That makes them vulnerable to marketeers and vulnerable to scare stories.Growing evidence supports that exercise during pregnancy is beneficial for mother and fetus during gestation, with benefits persisting for the child into adulthood. Regardless of income or socioeconomic status, exercise during pregnancy is associated with increased incidence of full-term delivery. Additionally, normalization of birth measures, such as birth weight, occurs when women perform regular exercise throughout gestation. Measures of growth and development further indicate that exercise during pregnancy does not harm and may stimulate healthy growth throughout childhood. Measures of cognition and intelligence demonstrate that exercise during pregnancy causes no harm and may be beneficial. Overall, the benefits of exercise during pregnancies and others decrease the risk of chronic disease for both mother and child.

Another’s is the problem phenomenon on which we need to ponder to eradicate the culture of medicine. If we can use the particular kind of food to fulfill the basic need of the body so we must opt food rather than medicine.This temporary comforts are prevailing and working as a quick fix but in long run they have side effects. Multivitamin tablets are religious to have during pregnancy. The question is, why? When we fulfil the requirement via basic food, why does the medical culture want people to have medicine. Back in the 19th century, people weren’t addicted to this medicine culture and still have healthy babies. The reason is healthy habits.The habit which nourishes your child from natural food. Pregnancy is the best and memoray journey for the couple where they try their level best to be concious about health. Proper awareness is much needed to erode the myths of pregnancy.

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