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Status of women in society and Islam

By: Muzaffar Balouch

Women being the most sensitive and important part of society are the strongest creatures alive facing many difficulties and troubles in their daily life. They are tortured for small matters such as not bringing enough dowry and not giving birth to a baby boy. They face harsh and severe punishments without any rational reason. 

We Pakistanis are stuck to the old customs and traditions. In our country women are akin to unpaid servants. It is the worst curse of our society that giving birth to a baby girl is considered useless, it is thought that women are of no use and the world is running on the existence of men only. No, we couldn’t not even existed without women and neither can we survive without women. It’s women who give birth to us and bring us to the stage where we could stand on our own feet.

Although, Islam has endowed women with many qualities, characteristics and abilities which a man doesn’t possess. It’s sad but true that Islam has given a great status to women but our society doesn’t.   

We are following the foot steps of the Arabs, they didn’t give women their rights and freedom that’s why our society is not giving women their rights. Arabs are thought to be superior and we are chasing them— read history Arabs was the worst tribe they used to worship handmade idols,bury their daughters alive, smoke, drink and live a life luxuriance. There were about 360 idols in the Kabbah which they worshipped. Almost all the prophets were send to the Arabs to lead them the right path and we are following them who don’t even know the reliable path themselves. I would like to say that don’t track the Arabs, practice the God’s apostles, His holy book Quran and Himself. 

Daughters are not burden but they are blessings of the God. Holy prohphet (P.B.U.H) said; “if you’re blessed with a daughter and you grow her, educate her and look after her well then Allah will grant you the Jannah for sure.” Also he (P.B.U.H) said “lucky is one, whose first child is a daughter.” How beautiful is the status of women in the Muslim world, isn’t it? When a Muslim girl is born: she becomes the reason for her father to enter the heaven. When she get married to a man: she fullfills his half of the faith and religion. When she becomes a mother: paradise is kept under her feet for her children.This is the magnificent status of women in the splendid religion of the universe Islam. 

Therefore, one can’t blame Islam for women are not getting their rights. Islam has already given equal privileges to women as that of men. It’s our society who looked down upon women and deprived them of their entitle. The abode of peoples who devast women form their authorities and properties will be frightening and alarming.

The writer is a freelance columnist and student at LUMS. He can be reached at [email protected]

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