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Phenomenal personality

CommentaryPhenomenal personality
By: Faisal Ansar

This world has witnessed so many influential, charismatic, and phenomenal personalities owing to their God-gifted attributes consisting of intelligence level, courage to lead and take decisions, ability not to panic whatsoever the situation comes and crown of all, do not get impressed by anyone and in any situation instead remain focus to achieve their set goal. These personalities belonged to different fields as a few of them were scholars like Dr. Israr Ahmed and Dr. Zakir Naik, clerics like Mufti Taqi Usmani, Moulana Shah Ahmed Noorani and Moulana Tariq Jameel, philanthropists like Abdul Sattar Edhi, politician like Liaqat Ali Khan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Nelsan Mandela and many other religious personalities etc. These personalities through their vision, dedication, and determination and off course smart and hard work changed the perception of the people of the world and thus, had innumerable followers from different parts of the world. Such personalities had changed the mindset of the people in general and in some cases, transformed lives of many people across the globe.  

One of such personality was Late Haji Abdul Wahab Sahab who remained Ameer-e-Tablighi Jamat in Pakistan for many years. He dedicated his whole life in preaching the teachings of Islam. He sacrificed everything for this scared cause and remained busy for this purpose round the clock, day and night. Number of times doctors suggested him not to speak more as his throat needed some rest but he never bothered to hear doctors’ instructions and kept on saying and the sentence, he spoke the most was “La Elaha Illallah” which means and apparently is known by majority of Muslims i.e. “There is no god but one” but he construed the objective of Qalima and kept saying that “Allah se hota han Allah ke ghair se kuch nahi hota”. He greatly emphasized and urged Muslims to believe on oneness of Allah Almighty that without His will, nothing can happen nor can be done.  

He was simply a majestic person and those who were closed to him know it very well that he hardly slept as he was obsessed with great worry of conveying message of Islam to others what he had understood that it is the responsibility of every Muslim to propagate the message of apostles as no apostle would come now while people keeping coming in this World i.e. you could only be succeeded in this world and hereinafter if you obey the orders of Allah Almighty and follow the sunnah of beloved Prophet PBUH. Many believe that he must have had spiritual power as he was able to strive really hard and did not sleep for considerable time. His life spent in travelling and delivering speeches across the country and the globe.  

On a number of occasions, he practically acted what he used to preach. On one occasion, a renowned politician tried to give him a cheque of hefty amount to renovate or to do some construction work in the preaching Centre Raiwind which he bluntly refused to accept it. That politician reiterated that Haji sahab nobody would have ever offered you such a heavy amount of cheque which he replied confidently and without any hesitation, that nobody would have ever returned you such a huge amount of cheque. People around him inspired a lot from this activity and not only those people who had witnessed this activity, it had left a grave impact on the person who was refused that cheque. Many peoples’ lives were transformed by the endeavors of Haji Sahab. He never ever said a single word against anyone, any organization and any sect but always remained aspirant of welfare of everyone.  

On another occasion, a renowned party leader came to Haji Sahab and asked for his and his followers support to observe a strike in the country against the Government that why Islamic system could not be imposed in the country which came into being in the name of Islam. Haji Sahab replied with a query that why Islam should only be imposed in our country and not in the world. Haji sahab asked him to come with him to strive so that Islamic system might prevail across the globe. Another religious party leader came with a proposal to say against any particular sect who he refused and made him understand that we are of all, and all are ours. We are of Allah, and Allah is ours. Late Haji Abdul Sahab was the sort of person who was never ever impressed with anyone’s money and status.    

May Allah Almighty grant him eternal peace and enable us to follow the footsteps of such renowned personalities so that we may become compound of characteristics and flourish in life.

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