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Survey Reveals Urgent Need for Enhanced Kite Flying Safety Measures

YouthSurvey Reveals Urgent Need for Enhanced Kite Flying Safety Measures

LAHORE: A recent survey conducted by Muhammad Adeel, an MS Scholar from the Department of Commerce and Finance at Government College University Lahore, has shed light on critical safety issues surrounding the tradition of kite flying. Despite widespread awareness of the dangers involved, findings suggest a concerning disparity between awareness and the adoption of preventive measures among the public.

The survey revealed that an overwhelming 87.1% of respondents are aware of kite flying’s potential risks, including serious injuries and fatalities. However, a surprising 61.3% have not taken the basic precaution of installing safety rods on bicycles and motorcycles, equipment essential for protecting riders from the lethal threat of kite strings.

Further compounding the issue, over half of the survey participants (51.6%) reported difficulties in accessing safety rods and related protective gear, with another 16.1% at a loss about where to find such equipment. This stark gap in safety equipment accessibility points to a systemic challenge that needs addressing to prevent further tragic incidents.

The study also highlighted a shortfall in community safety advocacy, with 19.4% of respondents admitting to not advising family, friends, or relatives on adopting safety measures against kite-flying hazards. This gap in promoting safety practices suggests a broader need for heightened awareness and community-driven efforts to ensure the well-being of all involved.

Muhammad Adeel’s survey underscores the pressing need for a collective push towards enhancing kite flying safety measures. It calls on individuals to take personal responsibility for their safety by employing protective measures like safety rods. Additionally, it emphasizes the need for authorities to improve the availability of safety gear and to ramp up educational campaigns aimed at cultivating a culture of safety and vigilance.

As kite flying remains a beloved activity for many people, the findings from the Government College University Lahore survey serve as a critical call to action for enhancing safety protocols and ensuring that this tradition can be enjoyed safely by everyone.

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