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The Ultimate Guide to MDCAT Preparation and the Best Institute for It

BlogsThe Ultimate Guide to MDCAT Preparation and the Best Institute for It
By: Maimoona Rehan

What is MDCAT?

Do you intend to pursue MBBS or BDS? If so, act quickly because you need to be ready for the MDCAT.

For people who desire to pursue undergraduate medical and dental education in Pakistan, MDCAT is a pen-and-paper test that is administered annually in Pakistan and abroad.

Why make the correct decision?

Numerous mentors, each with a different perspective, will be a part of your Pre-medical journey. Many people will advise you to self-study and not enroll in coaching for the MDCAT. However, I’m faithful in declaring that you can’t do well in MDCAT just by revising your intermediate; you definitely need a proper institute, which paves the way towards your success.

Your MDCAT success depends on the institute you choose. Most of the students fail to make good decisions.

So here is an institute that has a promising success rate:


Meritorious Education Centre was founded by Dr.Safi ud din Siddiqui who recieved his MBBS from The Aga Khan University. It has branch in PECHS Karachi.

This institute has the best faculty members who are highly experienced and knowledgeable in their respective fields.

Biology: Dr. ADNAN SHAMSI [MBBS from DOW]


Chemistry: Amir Arshad [MSc in Chemistry]

Why is it best?


They provide comprehensive study material and conduct regular mock tests to assess the students’ progress. As the MDCAT is all about time management, these practice exams are a huge help. 200 multiple-choice questions must be answered by students in three hours.

Smaller class sizes

They offer personalized attention to each student, ensuring that their individual needs are met. Moreover, all the teachers are interactive and generous towards all students.

Follow Ups

They keep track of student progress, and along with that teachers keep motivating students.


They have online classes for all students, so this is why it is more approachable and convenient for those who have conveyance issues at home.

Extra Classes

They arrange these classes for those students who have questions about certain topics or need additional help understanding certain concepts. These extra classes provide students with the opportunity to delve deeper into the subject matter and receive further guidance from their teachers.

Expert teachers are there to help them, whom you can ask one-on-one.

For anyone looking for MCAT preparation coaching out there, I would right away suggest the Meritorious Education Centre.


They conduct classes regularly and try their best to complete all the syllabus on time.

Your Role in MDCAT

Here comes your part in making MDCAT successful in the first place Don’t skip any mock, tests happening in your institute because this is the only sphere that leads to competitive preparation.

Most students are confused about which book to prepare from, so let me tell you that you should first read the Sindh board book and then go-to the Federal board book because if you don’t read it, you will miss out on a few important things, so at least give it a read.

 The most essential thing is to create a study plan because there is a lot to learn and little time available. Be focused and follow the strategy you have created for yourself. There are a few students who feel embarrassed to ask questions, so don’t be shy about asking questions. Because if you don’t, those queries will make you suffer. But if you keep going with the study plan of the institute, that is best for you.[1]

It’s important to highlight important points for every topic because at the last moment you won’t get to revise everything Make sure to be specific about what you will revise. on the day just before MDCAT.

On the final day, avoid memorization because it will confuse your previously learned material. Instead, review your previously learned material while remaining confident and managing your anxiety.

In my opinion, the Meritorious Education Centre can alone help you go to your dream university, so yeah, make the right decision in choosing the institute.

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