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Why are people going for Nayakam handymen services?

By: Dr Atiq Ur Rehman

Nayakam is an online platform for accessing the services of handymen. In short span of time, it has made considerable achievements. It is growing rapidly. It started its operations a couple of months back in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Last month it entered into Karachi market. Now it has started its services in Lahore. Why is Nayakam becoming so popular and why are people using their services? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Ease and convenience – life of people is too busy. You can’t afford to search handymen from market to market. Since handymen are often in roaming mode due to nature of their job, accessing such services is mostly very challenging. It is not always easy to find any good handyman when you need his service..
  • Specialization – Each category of service has so many specialized areas. For example, electrician trade/category has several specialized areas which include electrical wiring and trouble shooting, installation and repair of electric fixtures in homes and offices like fans, exhaust fans, tube lights, Chandelier light assembly,  etc., fixtures solar energy panel installation and repairing, circuit breaker replacement (multiple categories depending upon load), cleaning of lights, ceiling fans and exhaust fans, installation and repair or maintenance of air conditioners, fixation of LCD, installation and repair of  telephone PABX and intercom installation, and so on. How can one expect from any electrician to have expertise in every area? Practically, it is not possible. No electrician can have expertise in all of these areas. However, if you visit market and enquire from handymen, many of them would claim to have expertise in almost every area. Even many plumbers will claim to be electrician too. If you hire the service of anyone who does not have specialized knowledge and experience on the area you need, you will end up with more problems. He may make the things worse for you. Sometimes, you may figure out issues much later. Nayakam has addressed this issue systematically. Nayakam maintains profiles of skilled people according to their area of expertise. Only specialized people are assigned jobs. For example, if you need the service of a CCTV camera installation, not every electrician will be eligible for the task assignment. Nayakam will send message to only those service providers who have expertise in this area. 
  • Comfort and peace of mind – Usually handymen sitting in markets quote prices after assessing the economic and social status of potential clients. They may charge you many times more than what they charge normally. Many times, you have to argue with them to lower down the quoted prices. At the same time, you also develop an apprehension that if they reduce price, they may do it at the cost of quality. Nayakam has addressed this issue by fixing the prices. Nayakam believes in standardization of quality and prices. Hence, you don’t need to worry about prices, as they are fixed.
  • You can schedule – Nayakam enables you to specify the time in advance at which you need the service. For example, if you are in your office and you want that when you reach your home at 6 pm, the service provider should be available to do a specific job. You can do it with peace of mind.
  • Innovative solutions – this is era of technology. Adopt the technology or be ready to suffer from obsolescence. Technology delivers many benefits such as efficiency, quality, economy, value for money and speed. By adopting tech-enabled solutions like Nayakam, you are in fact forcing the market to bring innovations in the delivery of services.
  • Pandemic – COVID 19 has exposed everyone to high health risks. Under current circumstances, no one can afford to roam into market area – from shop to shop, store to store to find a handyman. Health hazards are involved. You can’t afford to put your life and the lives of your family members at risk. Nayakam has solved this problem. You don’t need to go anywhere. Just download their App from Google Play Store, install it once and then keep using it for accessing any handyman service. The handyman with required expertise will be at your door step at time specified by you. All service providers comply with SOPs of COVID 19.

You are heard – In market, if any handyman does something wrong or if you are not satisfied with his work, there is no one where you can lodge complaint against him. Eventually, they have never bothered to bring improvement in the quality of their services. Nayakam has a facility of rating system. Upon completion of your work, you need to rate, on Nayakam App, the quality of the services provided by the service provider. You can write comments and give suggestions for improvements.  Lower rating means that service provider will get many tasks in future unless he brings improvement. In this way, Nayakam is building a culture of continuous improvement in the market.

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