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Youth Council holds leadership camp to discuss contemporary issues

YouthYouth Council holds leadership camp to discuss contemporary issues

ISLAMABAD: In a bid to engage young people in productive discussions around social, political and economic challenges Pakistan is facing currently, Youth Council Pakistan hosted a dynamic and engaging Youth Leadership Camp in Islamabad. The event drew an impressive number of young people from diverse academic and ethnic backgrounds, all eager to enhance their leadership and creative skills and develop a sense of community.

The camp opened with a rousing speech from YCP President Mr. Muhammad Shehzad Khan, who encouraged participants to get involved in the day’s planned activities and interact with their fellow campers. From a meditation session to help loosen up and relieve tension to fun interactive games designed to foster a comfortable environment, YCP pulled out all the stops to ensure that everyone felt at home from the outset.

Once the ice was broken, participants were encouraged to share their knowledge and viewpoints on a range of topics, sparking lively and engaging discussions about education, social issues, and the political crisis facing Pakistan today. One standout moment came when a participant led the group in a discussion of personal reformation and leadership, motivating everyone to work together for shared knowledge.The diversity of perspectives at the camp was remarkable, with campers from Waziristan speaking up for better education reforms and those from rural areas weighing in on the effects of urbanization on their communities. Other topics, including feminism and mental health, were explored in depth by the thoughtful and engaged young participants.

One of the highlights of the camp was the Youth Super League, a cricket tournament that allowed campers from different backgrounds to work together as a team and compete for victory. The fun and excitement of this activity perfectly captured the spirit of the camp, which combined sports and discussion to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Towards the end of the camp, participants were divided into teams and asked to form a panel of the prime minister and advisors tasked with generating policies to address Pakistan’s economic and political crisis. The teamwork and creativity on display were truly impressive, as the young leaders developed innovative solutions to the country’s most pressing problems.

The camp concluded with a ceremony to distribute certificates and prizes, followed by an inspiring concluding address from President Youth Council Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Shehzad Khan with the words of encouragement that urged campers to realize their potential and work together to build a better future for their country. The Youth Leadership Camp was a powerful reminder of the talent and passion of Pakistan’s youth, and a testament to the important work being done by YCP to nurture and empower the next generation of leaders.

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