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Hangzhou Asian Games Launches ‘Asian Games, Hangzhou Charms’ Campaign to Celebrate 50 Days To Go Until the Opening Ceremony

SportsHangzhou Asian Games Launches 'Asian Games, Hangzhou Charms' Campaign to Celebrate 50 Days To Go Until the Opening Ceremony
By: Faheem Anwar Khan

Hangzhou: The excitement for the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games reached new heights as the organizing committee launched the “Asian Games, Hangzhou Charms” campaign today, marking the milestone of 50 Days To Go until the grand Opening Ceremony on September 23, 2023.

The “Asian Games, Hangzhou Charms” campaign is a captivating trilogy of short films that offer a unique perspective of Hangzhou, focusing on sports, urban experience, and legacy.

The first short film, titled “Asian Games SHOW Hangzhou,” is a mesmerizing stop-motion animation produced on Hangzhou silk. Embodying the city’s rich cultural heritage, silk has been a symbol of cultural exchange, modernity, and fashion. The film showcases individual frames embroidered on a thousand pieces of Hangzhou silk, each adorned with exquisite patterns and colors, creating a breathtaking illusion of movement. The enchanting story traces the city’s deep-rooted sports genes, taking viewers on a journey through traditional and emerging sports and culture, from diving and sailing to breakdancing and E-sports.

The second film in the trilogy, “Asian Games for Urban Upgrade,” brilliantly demonstrates the comprehensive infrastructure upgrade within Hangzhou and the integration of cutting-edge technology to provide a smart experience for sports fans. Shot from a first-person perspective, the film cleverly utilizes the concept of a cell phone screen to highlight the city’s natural beauty and establish its status as a smart city.

The trilogy’s final film, “Asian Games IN Hangzhou,” draws inspiration from the traditional art of the Chinese Stamp. Through this art form, the film showcases the brand and legacy of the Hangzhou Asian Games, celebrating the city’s momentous role as the host of this prestigious sporting event.

As the 50-day countdown begins, anticipation and enthusiasm continue to build for the Hangzhou Asian Games. The “Asian Games, Hangzhou Charms” campaign promises to be a celebration of sport, culture, and innovation, leaving spectators from all around the world in awe of Hangzhou’s beauty and allure.

With the Opening Ceremony just around the corner, athletes, officials, and spectators eagerly await the spectacle that awaits them at the Hangzhou Asian Games. As the host city, Hangzhou is all set to showcase its unique charm to the world and make these Games an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

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