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Do the Pledges in the conferences are pledges only?

By: Jawad Ahmed Awan

Conferences for environmental protection are only conferences or doing something for environmental protection?  The change in the environmental cycle is just because of man-made catastrophes. Increasing use of fossil fuel for the sake of economic growth is the menace that adds fuel to the fire regarding climate change. Extreme heatwaves to unprecedented rains and massive floods to droughts are just because of environmental degradation. The gases as a result of the extensive consumption of fossil fuels make the environment worse. The industrial-rich countries that are contributing to the extensive carbon emission are getting enormous economic growth at the expense of the vulnerability of the poor countries. The response from the high carbon emission countries is limited just to the pledges of conferences.

 Paris Agreement in 2015 raised some of hopes. This treaty came when the nature started its heavy blows to humankind. Almost 196 countries negotiated the agreement. This agreement took place in Paris, based on the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference. The agreement ended with many promises. The countries promised to adopt climate-resilient policies, finance for the climate vulnerable countries. Each country was directed to determine its plan for climate protection along with the reports to be submitted in the to be submitted. The targets were also set for limited emissions. Did the promises fulfill?

Some of those decisions are the provision of the loss and damage fund, and efforts to stay at 1.5C. The promises will be kept or not the time will tell.         

Conference Of the Parties (COP26) took place in Glasgow, Scotland. It was the first meeting climate-related meeting after Covid19. After Paris Agreement 2015 the countries once again gathered at COP26 conference aimed to fight against climate change. Around 141 countries signed regarding the forests and land use. However, the highest carbon emitters did not pledge their support except 24 counties accepted to shift towards the electric vehicles by 2040. There was promised by many to finance the most vulnerable countries. The countries which are most vulnerable to climate change are concerned that the high carbon emissions is the death sentence to us. However, the question arises the who will heal the wounds of the poor only by just organizing the conferences?

The recent conference of the Parties (COP27) held at Sharm Al Shaikh, situated in the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. More than one hundred heads of state joined the conference. There were many talks and debates that took place. The key decisions regarding climate change took place. Some of those decisions are the provision of the loss and damage fund, and efforts to stay at 1.5C. The promises will be kept or not the time will tell.         

There Are almost ten most vulnerable countries to the climate change. Namely, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Chad, Haiti, Kenya, Malavi, Nigeria and Pakistan as well say, concerns world a humanitarian organisation based in Ireland. International humanitarian organisation International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is also raising the concern of climate related affects on the poor countries. The president Franceso Rocca of IFRC says,” Our planet is in crisis and climate change is killing the most at risk. COP27 will fail if world leaders do not support communities who are on the front lines of climate change.

The recent unprecedented rains in Pakistan stared playing havoc in Pakistan. Hundreds of thousand homes have been damaged and destroyed. According to the United Nation’s children fund UNICEF ground survey ten million children need immediate support. The children were at the risk of water born diseases. The livestock and humans lost the lives. The Environment minister of Pakistan Ms Shery Rehman says’ “Almost thirty million people are without shelter, thousands of them displaced and have no homes neither food as well.

Hence, the conference, protocols, and agreements to make climate resilient countries are just mere promises. There have been many guidelines, future plans for the limitation of carbon emission are just stories in the newspapers. The poor countries are crying for the pledges, humanitarian support, and promises for carbon limitation. The question is very pertinent that, Do the conferences for the environmental protection are only conferences or doing something concrete for environmental protection? The rich countries must come forward to rescue the affected ones. At the same time, they must reduce their carbon emission. At least, on the blood of the poor economic growth must be discouraged.

The writer is a freelance columnist. He can be reached at [email protected]

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